More Useful Information



 Pros:                                                                                                   Cons:

  • Aesthetics of the fire - smell,                                                        --  Cleaning the fireplace, hauling      crackling sound, glow                                                                          ashes, sooting
  • The experience of chopping wood                                              --  Cost of wood is greater than gas and                                                                                                                    actually building a fire                                                                                                                        in most areas and is rising  
  • Firewood is more readily available in                                          --  Requires a chimney, chase,                  some areas                                                                                        footings, etc.
  • Can be used to supplement the                                                   --  May cause odors and particulate  furnace to heat home, reduce                                                                            in the air                                                heating bills                                                                                       --  Requires continuous                                                                                                                                                          maintenance to keep fire burning                                                                                                                            --  Peaks and valleys in heat output


 Pros:                                                                                               Cons:

  • Clean burning                                                                                 --  Pellet appliances are usually more
  • Allows extended burn times                                                            expensive than wood
  • Can be mixed 50/50 with corn                                                --  Consumers can't get "free" pellets
  • Easy to store                                                                                        like they can wood
  • Pellets are readily available, found                                          --  Pellet appliances require                                    in most hardware stores                                                 electricity to operate
  • Some pellet appliances are self-                                             --  Pellet appliances historically                  lighting and run off a room                                                      require the most service and                  thermostat                                                                                  maintenance


 Pros:                                                                                                                       Cons:

  • Easiest fireplace product to install                                                                --  Not as realistic looking               just plug it in                                                                                         --  Lower heat output
  • Portable                                                                                                               --  Depending on local rates can  
  • Convenient                                                                                                                 be expensive to operate 
  • Can be "installed" by anyone, no                                                                                                                       training required
  • Ideal for apartments, condominiums                                                                                                               lobbies, etc.